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Course Outline

During your open water dives—and to earn your certification—you will repeat skills from your confined water dives. Your instructor will be guiding and assisting you.

  • You will be asked to apply what you have learned and repeat some of the skills already practiced in confined water.
  • On one dive, your instructor will demonstrate a new skill. Compass navigation will cover some basic points of underwater navigation. These will help keep you going in the right direction, both going and coming back. In tandem with observation of natural waypoints and underwater landmarks, underwater navigation is another “thinking diver” skill—one on which you can build and perfect as your experience grows. It will also enhance your enjoyment.
  • During your pre-dive briefing, your instructor will tell you the parts to look out for during the dive, other specifics about the dive site, safe entry and exit points, any special environmental features or concerns, emergency procedures, and so on. You’ll also be taught the dive evaluation check.
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