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Course Outline

Objective: Weight yourself correctly in order to offset the buoyancy of your body and your exposure suit before using your scuba gear.

Value: Correct weighting will allow you to dive comfortably. Diving when overweighted will force you to overinflate your BCD to offset the negative buoyancy. Diving overweighted or underweighted can lead to serious injury.

How It’s Done: Without using your scuba gear, you need to:

  1. Correctly weight yourself without fins for exposure suit and breath hold diving. To do this, float unaided in a vertical position with the top of your head breaking the surface while holding a full breath and using only your exposure suit, weights, mask, and snorkel. Time spent here will pay big dividends later and help you understand the aspect of buoyancy and control.
  2. Exhale and sink while equalizing. Your instructor will be ready to assist you back to the surface.
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