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Course Outline

Objective: With minimal assistance, remove and replace the weight system while you are underwater.

Value: You may remove your weight system while you are underwater to adjust your weight without returning to the surface.

How It’s Done:

  • If you are using a weight belt, follow these steps.
    • To release the belt:
      1. Make sure you are in a comfortable position and in control of your buoyancy.
      2. Release the weight belt buckle and grasp the free end so that the weights don’t slide off.
      3. Pull the belt away from your body, but keep it close so that you do not topple over. Do not drop the weight belt.
    • To replace the belt:
      1. Hold an end in one hand, pass the belt around you and below your equipment, and grasp the other end with your other hand.
      2. Lie forward with your face down and secure the belt. Remember that you need to use “right-hand release,” so make sure the belt is around you correctly.
  • If you are using integrated weights, remove one side at a time and replace it before removing the other one. This will keep you from losing a weight.
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