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This is a new skill, and your instructor will demonstrate the correct use of a compass on land before you enter the water.

  • Using a compass:
    • Will help you find your way back to shore with less chance of becoming disoriented.
    • Can also help you find your way between important underwater landmarks on your route.
  • To navigate underwater with a compass:
    • While on the surface, start with a simple North, East, South, and West orientation of the site where you will dive. This will help orient you with your surroundings.
    • While underwater and neutrally buoyant, your instructor will ask you to swim a reciprocal (there and back) course for a distance of 10 meters/33 feet in a specific direction while using the compass.
    • While still underwater, your instructor will ask you to use the compass and point in the direction where the land/boat is, and may even ask you to lead the way!
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