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After the third dive, the following details are known.

  • TOD: 15 m/49 ft.
  • Actual depth: 19 m/62 ft. (This is a problem!)
  • NDL: 33 min.
  • Actual time: 24 min.

On the third dive, due to buoyancy control issues, the diver went below the TOD of 15 meters/49 feet. The new maximum depth for the dive—no matter for how long the diver was at this depth—is now 19 meters/62 feet. The dive was not completed as per the dive plan. The question now is what is the NDL limit for 19 meters/62 feet? Refer to Table 3. Find column C and the row for 21 meters/70 feet. The new NDL is 25 minutes. Fortunately, this time was not exceeded, but it was very close to the NDL and would not be good planning.

Determine your end pressure group designation after the third dive. The RNT is 15 minutes, and the ABT is 24 minutes. Therefore, the TBT is 39 minutes. Refer to Table 1. Find the row for 21 meters/70 feet, and locate the TBT. The end pressure group designation is H.

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