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Course Outline

Objective: With your face in the water, switch from your snorkel to your regulator, remove the snorkel using the quick release, and stow the snorkel. Then retrieve the snorkel, reattach it, and resume breathing from the snorkel.

Value: Mastering this skill allows you to dive with the snorkel stowed rather than attached to the mask where it serves no purpose. For other dives, you may prefer to remove the snorkel and stow it in your pocket.

How It’s Done:

  1. Attach the snorkel to the mask strap, and breathe from it.
  2. Take a full breath, switch to your regulator, and clear it.
  3. Unclip the snorkel from your mask.
  4. Securely stow the snorkel either in a pocket or through the waist strap.
  5. Retrieve the snorkel, and reattach it to the mask.
  6. Take a full breath, and switch to your snorkel.
  7. Blow to clear the snorkel.
  8. Blow bubbles whenever the snorkel or regulator is out of your mouth. Never hold your breath.
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