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Course Outline

Objective: With minimal assistance, remove and replace the scuba unit while you are underwater.

Value: If you should become entangled while you are underwater and your buddy is nowhere to be found, you may need to remove your scuba unit to free the entanglement and then replace the unit.

How It’s Done: Although this is rarely done in open water, you can practice removing and replacing the unit while in confined water.

  1. Dump air from the BCD to become negatively buoyant.
  2. Undo the front clips and waist straps on the BCD.
  3. Remove your left arm by sliding it out or undoing the shoulder clip.
  4. Make sure you have a firm grip on the BCD.
  5. Move the scuba unit around to the right-hand side and slide it off your shoulder, leaving only the regulator in your mouth.
  6. Make sure the straps are clear and in place.
  7. Reverse the procedure by putting your right arm through the right shoulder hole.
  8. Slide the scuba unit around your back and put your left arm through.
  9. Secure and adjust all clips.
  10. Establish neutral buoyancy.
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