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Course Outline

Objective: Remove and replace your scuba equipment while on the surface.

Value: When diving from boats, especially RIBs, you may have to hand all your equipment to the boat crew before boarding the boat. Not only will you learn to remove and replace your scuba gear, but you will also build familiarity with your equipment.

How It’s Done:

  • To remove your scuba unit:
    1. Establish positive buoyancy.
    2. Release all clips.
    3. Remove your left arm from the shoulder strap.
    4. Swim out of the unit, twisting clockwise as you do so (twist to your right).
    5. Use your scuba unit as a buoyancy aid by holding it in front of you or sitting on it.
  • To replace your scuba unit:
    1. Arrange your equipment on the surface with the harness system up.
    2. Open up the harness, and move all items to the sides.
    3. To put your arms through the straps on the harness:
      1. Put your right arm through the right side of the harness, turn, and put your left arm through the shoulder harness or...
      2. When sitting on the BCD, slide into both shoulder straps simultaneously.
    4. Attach the waist straps.
    5. Check the power inflator, AAS, and regulator.
    6. Check all releases and tighten them.
    7. Make sure the weight belt and releases are clear of entanglements.
    8. When wearing a wing-style BCD, make sure the crotch strap is secured.
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