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Course Outline

Objective: Recover a regulator from behind the shoulder using the reach method, and resume breathing from it.

Value: If you were to drop your primary regulator while underwater, either due to it being accidentally knocked out of your mouth or snagged, you can easily and safely recover the regulator and resume breathing from it. The reach method is used when the regulator is snagged behind you and the sweep method is ineffective.

How It’s Done:

  1. Remove your regulator with mouthpiece down, and drop it behind your shoulder.
  2. Make sure your airway is open by blowing small bubbles while the regulator is out of your mouth.
  3. Retrieve your AAS.
  4. Put the AAS in your mouth, and clear it.
  5. Breathe from your AAS during the activity.
  6. Move into an upright position.
  7. Place your left hand between the cylinder and your lower back.
  8. With your left hand, push the cylinder up from your back.
  9. With your right hand, reach over your right shoulder and secure the regulator hose.
  10. Slide your hand along the hose until you find the regulator.
  11. Secure the regulator, clear it, and breathe.
  12. Restow your AAS.
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