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Objective: Remove, replace, and clear a regulator underwater using the blast method.

Value: If you should need to remove the regulator from your mouth, or if it should become dislodged, you will need to be able to replace and clear it while you are underwater. By blasting the remaining breath in your lungs through the regulator, you will remove all the water from the second stage.

How It’s Done:

  1. Remove the regulator from your mouth, ensuring that the regulator mouthpiece faces down. This will minimize the chances of a freeflow. If you do accidentally forget and it does start to freeflow, simply turn the mouthpiece face down and the freeflow should stop.
  2. Maintain control of your airway by blowing small bubbles. Remember: Never hold your breath!
  3. Replace the regulator.
  4. Using the remaining air in your lungs, forcefully exhale (blow) into the regulator to clear it.
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