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Your instructor will explain the differences in planning your dives for nitrox as opposed to air diving.

  • The main differences are that your dive time limits (NDL) will be increased. This is great for shallow reef dives where there are lots of things to see.
  • There are limits to how much nitrox you can use each day. It all depends on the oxygen content of the mix. Again, this is one of the planning functions your instructor can show you. Your maximum depth is another consideration and is calculated depending on the gas mix used.
  • You need to use your nitrox PDC or adjusted air diving calculation tables. Most dive planning can be done on your nitrox PDC. The benefit of using a PDC is that it continually adapts to your changes underwater (depth, time, gas mix, temperature, etc.). These changes are continually displayed on the screen for your reference. You should always have a way of recording time and depth in case the PDC has a failure. This is why it is important to understand the proper planning techniques you learn in your nitrox course.
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