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Objective: Partially flood your mask and clear it while you are underwater.

Value: If your mask fogs up or water trickles into it while underwater, there is little point in ascending to the surface to remedy the problem. Simply partially flooding the mask will allow you to clear the fogged mask easily. The advantage of a partial flood is that you do not lose vision as you would with a fully flooded mask.

How It’s Done:

  1. Pinch the skirt of the mask to allow water to enter.
  2. Fill the mask to just below eye level.
  3. To clear the mask and prevent water from entering your nose, simply hold the top of the mask firmly against your forehead, take a full breath, and begin exhaling through your nose.
  4. Tip your head back to look up slightly while continuing to exhale gently through your nose. You should be able to clear your mask easily on a very small breath and without letting out many bubbles from the mask.
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