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Course Outline

Depending on time and logistics of your area, your instructor may decide to perform these optional surface and underwater skills.

  • Surface Skills: Optional surface skills include:
    • Cramp relief
    • Tired diver towing
    • Removal and replacement of the scuba equipment and the weight system
    • Removal and replacement of the weight system
  • Underwater Skills: Optional underwater skills include the following.
    • SMB Deployment: Your instructor will stay close by while you perform this skill. A demonstration will be performed before you attempt the skill. While hovering, you will deploy your SMB, tie off the line at 5 meters/15 feet, and simulate a safety stop.
    • Controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA): This skill:
      • Simulates having no gas supply and no buddy.
      • Can be completed on any dive after open water dive 1.
      • Is performed at a maximum depth of 9–12 meters/30–40 feet.
      • Is performed with the regulator staying in your mouth.
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