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Course Outline

As you complete the Open Water segment of your course, you will learn several important new skills.

  • One is how to stay with your buddy. You should remain close enough so that you can help your buddy if needed. If you do get separated:
    1. Look all around for one minute, and if you do not see them, make a normal safe ascent to the surface.
    2. Inflate your buoyancy control device (BCD), signal the boat, and look for your buddy on the surface.
  • You will also learn how to care for your equipment.
    • You will learn how to wash, pack, and store it for transport and further use.
    • When you rinse equipment after diving in salt water, take extra care to do a thorough job. Check hoses for signs of wear, and be careful not to damage delicate components. For example, you should be careful that no water can enter the first-stage regulator where it connects to the gas supply.
    • The water you clean with should be free from dirt and sand. The gear should then be properly dried and stored.
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