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Course Outline

Your RAID Instructor will demonstrate how to do the following.

  • Ensure your cylinder is full.
  • Try on the BCD to ensure size and fit. Check oral inflation and dump valves are working.
  • Attach the BCD to the cylinder and check for correct height setting.
  • Attach the first-stage regulator. Ensure the second-stage regulator and the alternate air source (AAS) are on the right-hand side. Attach the low-pressure hose to the BCD power inflator.
  • Turn on the gas slowly, and open all the way.
  • Breathe on the second-stage regulator and AAS
  • Check the submersible pressure gauge (SPG) while breathing on the second stage and ensure the pressure gauge indication needle does not move. (If it does move when breathing on the second stage, the cylinder pillar valve has not been opened fully or there is a fault.)
  • Inflate the BCD while using the power inflator, and ensure the pressure holds.
  • Check for any pressure leaks by turning on your gas, then closing the valve, and watching that the pressure shown on the SPG doesn’t drop. Remember to turn the gas back on after waiting and watching for 30 seconds.
  • Switch on the PDC, check the battery, and set the correct diving parameters.

Here are additional open circuit precautions.

  • Always dive with a PDC.
  • End your dive and begin your ascent with 50 bar/750 psi minimum. (Note: On pressure gauges, the closest reading you could see is 50 bar/700 psi.)
  • Monitor your gauges and PDC throughout the dive.
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