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Objective: Swim a distance of 15 meters/50 feet without a mask, and then replace and clear it while you are underwater. (Note: For the Junior Scuba Diver and Scuba Diver programs, the maximum training depth is 12 meters/40 feet.)

Value: In the unlikely event that a mask strap breaks or the mask is rendered inoperable, it is vitally important that you can swim to a buddy for assistance with the ascent or initiate the ascent immediately. Being able to swim without a mask is vital for your safety.

How It’s Done:

  1. Fully flood and remove the mask as you did during the first confined dive. Be sure to keep a good grip on the mask.
  2. Attain neutral buoyancy, and swim a distance of 15 meters/50 feet.
    1. Do not hold your nose closed while the mask is off. Instead, you may exhale either out your mouth or your nose. However, it is recommended that you exhale through your mouth into the second stage regulator since exhaling through the nose has a tendency to make you inhale automatically.
    2. Try to swim with your eyes open. However, if you wear contacts, you may keep your eyes shut while your mask is off.
  3. Upon completing the swim, locate the nose pocket on the mask.
  4. Replace and clear the mask as you learned to do during the first confined dive.
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