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The maximum depth advanced recreational (non-decompression) divers should go to is 40 meters/130 feet. But remember that you need to log experience at shallower depths and then take additional training programs to explore these depths.

At 40 meters/130 feet, there is little time to do anything because you will consume your limited air supply more rapidly, and your nitrogen loading is building up fast. Have a look at your dive computer and see what the planned time for 40 meters/130 feet is. Allowable time at these depths (without getting into required decompression) is so minimal that some divers go on to learn about technical or decompression diving to allow them longer bottom times. There are certain benefits to decompression diving, but this is a subject of further high-level training.

For now, you are concentrating on your first program and the exciting things you can see when diving less than 20 meters/66 feet. The great benefit is that we have much more time to relax and to enjoy what we are seeing.

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