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Course Outline

After the end of each day’s diving, complete the following to maintain your equipment. Your instructor will demonstrate the maintenance steps while following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  1. Rinse the complete diving unit in fresh water. Wash the cylinder valve. (It is best done when the equipment is still fully assembled.)
  2. Strip the equipment down, and cover the first stage with the dust cap. This is to prevent water entering the first stage.
  3. Wash the complete regulator set with clean fresh water.
  4. Wash all the other equipment, including PDCs, cameras, wetsuits, mask, fins, booties etc.
  5. Hang up equipment to dry, out of the sun. Protect them against the environment. Warm moist places will promote bacterial growth.
  6. Refill the cylinder. Or for long storage, leave only 30 bar/500 psi pressure in the cylinder.
  7. Store electronics out of the sun and in a dry environment. Expose them to normal air.
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