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Check the following according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Equipment Regulator Components

  1. Factory-sealed components should not be opened for repair except by qualified manufacturer technicians. If you suspect a problem with the regulator, take it to your dive center to be checked.
  2. Check if the PDC battery is OK after every dive and before every dive. Carry at least two spares in a waterproof case when practical..


Most O-rings are sealed inside your regulator, but there is an external one that connects the regulator to the tank in both a DIN fitting and an old-fashioned clamp or yoke fitting. This external O-ring needs to be to inspected and changed if it is damaged. Here are the general steps.

  1. Carefully inspect prior to scuba unit assembly.
  2. Replace damaged O-rings with manufacturer's recommended products.
  3. Check the O-ring groove for damage.
  4. Do use a plastic pick to remove O-rings rather than a sharp metal one as you can cause damage to the sealing surface by scoring or scratching it.


  1. Check for visible damage after every dive.
  2. Do not carry and/or lift equipment by any of the hoses.
  3. Do not place heavy equipment on and/or store hoses under stress.
  4. Ensure all is completely dry to prevent mold inside.
  5. Protect the DIN threads from damage.


  1. Perform visual inspections regularly.
  2. Before each dive, fully inflate the BCD. Check for leaks, and make sure the dump valves are working.
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