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Course Outline

This unit focuses on the consideration of events that happen before and after diving, including problem management and rescues. This unit does not detail the actual diving and/or rescue procedures. Those are detailed in their respective units.

The before and after parts of a dive are very important. If you focus on the management of your dives from the very start, things will go much more smoothly than if your approach is unplanned. The way a diver approaches planning a dive, his or her attitude to safety, and the inclusion of his or her buddies (if a certified Open Water 20 diver) in the process are all important to having a long, enjoyable, and memorable dive experience.

The following are the unit objectives.

  • Explain why you need to plan dives
  • Describe the elements of dive planning
  • Explain how to plan with dive tables
  • Describe the benefits of planning with personal dive computers (PDCs)
  • List important rules of diving and safe diving practices
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