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Course Outline

Scuba diver photographing fish

This course is the first step into a world of adventure. Diving is a truly exhilarating activity. You will always remember the magic of taking your first breath underwater and the feeling of weightlessness that divers enjoy below the surface. The underwater terrain, its marine life, and the rich history that lies on the ocean floor will provide a lifetime of rewarding adventure, inspiration, and fun. You will meet new people, make new friends, create opportunities to travel the globe, and discover an entirely new world—perhaps in your own backyard.

The following are the course objectives:

  • Attain the important knowledge to maximize the safety and enjoyment of diving.
  • Become familiar with diving skills consistent with safe diving practices and ways to maximize your comfort in the water.
  • Understand the various opportunities available to you that will expand your knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of diving.
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