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Course Outline

Objective: Respond to a simulated out of gas situation, and breathe from your buddy’s regulator.

Value: In the unlikely event that you run out of gas due to a catastrophic gas loss or gas system failure, you can safely share gas with your buddy and make a safe ascent together to the surface.

How It’s Done:

  • Make sure you are familiar with your buddy’s equipment.
    1. Signal to your buddy that you are out of air.
    2. Secure your buddy’s primary regulator from him or her. Long-hose divers need to remove the long hose from around the neck.
    3. Orient, clear, and breathe from your buddy’s regulator.
    4. Remember to blow bubbles when the regulator is out of your mouth. Meanwhile, your buddy will locate, secure, clear, and breathe from his or her alternate air supply. Divers using a long hose must free up the entire hose length.
    5. Once you are comfortably breathing, establish contact with your buddy. Your buddy must check his or her SPG with an emphasis on the remaining air supply and depth.
    6. Signal when you are OK.
    7. After the activity is completed:
      1. You switch back to your own primary regulator.
      2. Your buddy switches back to his or her primary air source and secures the AAS.
      3. Divers who have had a long hose donated to them must help tidy up the hose to avoid it becoming entangled.
  • You will have a chance to act as both a receiver and a donor. Remember that the donor must keep a careful watch on the air supply.
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