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Objective: Breathe from a freeflow regulator for at least 15 seconds.

Value: Regulators are designed to free flow if they fail. This means they will provide gas rather than shut down. If a regulator free flows, there is a simple method to breathe the flowing gas without breathing in water.

Note: If your regulator begins to free flow, make contact with your buddy, secure his or her AAS, and ascend immediately. Gas sharing is practiced separately.

How It’s Done:

  1. Tilt your head to the right. This ensures the regulator is not pulled from your mouth. This also minimizes the chances of your mask flooding during the activity.
  2. Remove the left-hand side of the regulator mouthpiece from your mouth, and rest it on your cheek.
  3. Press the purge button for 15 seconds to simulate the freeflow of gas.
  4. Breathe normally. The flowing gas will not allow water to enter.
  5. Check your console.
  6. Ascend in one of two ways.
    1. Signal to your buddy, and follow normal ascent procedures if you have enough gas.
    2. Signal to your buddy that you are out of air, share gas with your buddy, and follow the ascent procedures.
  7. Remember that your buddy must check his or her console during the ascent.
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