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With the extra drag of the scuba equipment, fins are essential for scuba diving. The necessity to move in the water and to control movement requires having the right set of fins. So, it is important to know what fins are out there, what options are available, and what works best under specific conditions.

Leading scuba-equipment manufacturers are doing an enormous amount of research and development to create new and more efficient fin designs. The fins are made with modern materials, new manufacturing techniques, and entirely new concepts to provide the best thrust in the most efficient way for the least amount of energy expended by the diver.

There are two standard types of scuba-diving fins: closed-heel/full-foot fins and open-heel adjustable fins. They have not changed in principle for over 40 years, although what has changed are the types of material used and the blade design. You should find a fin that is suitable for your type of general diving and that is comfortable to wear and does not tax your calf muscles! Consult your dive center to get the best advice on the fins that will be suitable for you.

Note: Freediving fins, which feature a much longer blade than a scuba-diving fin, are unsuitable for scuba diving and should be avoided.

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