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Choosing a site is always the fun part—where will your next adventure be? Make sure every dive is within your training and comfort levels. Be honest about your abilities. Do some detailed investigation and find out all the facts you can about the actual site rather than just listening to hearsay. Whenever possible, read about the site, because a printed article is generally going to be accurate and to the point. If you discover a dive is outside your limits (perhaps weather and surface conditions are not ideal), aim to do the dive in the future when conditions, your experience, or additional training make it doable.

When choosing a site, consider all the following aspects, not just the diving.

  • How to get to the location
  • Best times to dive regarding tides or currents
  • Entry, exits, etc.

Perhaps you might choose two dive sites in case you cannot dive one site because of the dive conditions, such as weather or other unforeseen circumstances. As your training progresses, you will be considering many types of diving, such as wreck, photography, or shark diving.

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