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What do we want from a BCD? It must be comfortable to wear and easy to get on and remove. It also must have enough lift to be able to hold you floating on the surface. Remember the BCD is NOT a life jacket, and it is not designed to hold an unconscious person face up on the surface.

Most BCDs are designed to hold you in the correct position while swimming underwater. There are many makes and styles of BCD with advantages and disadvantages. The best way to see what is suitable for you is to dive first with a couple of different designs and then decide. There are not many designs that cater for a rebreather because the majority of designs are for open circuit (OC) divers. Some rebreathers are sold separately from the BCD, which gives the diver a choice of BCDs to choose from, or the diver can adapt his or her own BCD to fit. Don’t forget that you can contact your chosen dive center and find out what choices they have on offer.

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