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There are many types of regulators available, and you should consult you dive center to determine the best regulator for the type of diving you plan to do.

When choosing your regulator, you should consider the following.

  • Is the type of regulator suitable for the diving you plan to do? Will you be doing deep diving, where you need a high-performance regulator? Can your regulator adapt for technical diving if you plan to do further training?
  • Is it easy to breathe through the regulator? Your regulator should be the best performing regulator you can afford. An easy-breathing regulator makes diving so much more enjoyable.
  • Do you plan to dive with nitrox? Is the regulator suitable for this?
  • Is the regulator easy to maintain? Are spares and service readily available?
  • Does the regulator come with a warranty? Does it come with customer support? Can you get support in most parts of the world?
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