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You should clean your equipment with fresh water each day after a swimming pool or saltwater dive.

  1. Disassemble the scuba unit.
    1. Turn off the valve on the cylinder.
    2. Release all the pressure using one of the second stages.
    3. Remove the low-pressure inflator hose.
    4. Loosen the regulator connecting point (it could be a DIN or yoke mount).
    5. Remove the entire regulator, dry the dust cap with a dry cloth or towel, and securely fit the dust cap to the first stage. Do not let water enter the first stage of the regulator.
    6. Rinse the entire regulator (first stage, both primary and alternative air sources, all hoses, and the gauges).
  2. Rinse the BCD both inside and outside the bladder, and hang it up to dry.
  3. Refill the cylinder after every dive to be ready for the next dive. For storage, leave cylinders partially filled.
  4. Allow the equipment to dry thoroughly out of the sun.
  5. Review the readings from the PDC.
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