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Scuba divers swimming

The best way to breathe using either a snorkel or regulator is simply in a relaxed manner with full breaths. There are many breathing techniques that are taught in yoga and martial arts training, and these can also work in diving. A simple one is to make your exhalation last twice as long as your inhalation.

  1. Be cautious when you first put the regulator in your mouth, and exhale first to remove any water.
  2. Breathe normally, slowly, and continuously to get the most out of your lung capacity.
  3. Relax as much as possible. This will conserve your breathing gas and sharpen your awareness—which will likely mean you see more—and have the best dive possible.
  4. Do not overexert yourself while diving. Keep a relaxed pace, do not rush, and remember to have fun.
  5. Check your SPG regularly and communicate with your buddy or dive professional when it's time to turn the dive.

Never associate gas consumption with skill. Making your tank of gas last longer than someone else’s tank does not make you a better diver than that person.

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