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Here are some tips when you book a dive through a dive center or charter.

  • Book your dive through a dive charter that you know follows all the safety regulations and can cater for the needs of all your equipment types.
  • Make sure your dive leader knows the site. Find out how many dives he or she has on the site and if he or she has assistance, for example, shore support, a dive master, etc.
  • Don’t try and predict the weather and the sea conditions from your bed in the morning! You have to trust the skipper’s advice.
  • Find out beforehand if the dive is a single- or double-cylinder dive, because many dive centers use the number of cylinders as a reference to determine how long each dive time will be.
  • Make sure you fully understand the dive site, depth, and type of dive you are booking. Get as many details as possible. Remember to dive well within your training and limitations.
  • Make sure that your buddy (if you are certified as an Open Water 20 diver) is as proficient as yourself or better.
  • Always carry a rescue sausage/SMB, reel or spool, compass, and flashlight.
  • If you have a camera, try to find a group with the same interests. Photographers and videographers have different needs, and diving with a group that has neither can be a problem for you.
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