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Course Outline

Objective: Inflate and deflate your BCD on the surface using both the LPI and oral methods.

Value: To ensure your safety on the surface, inflating your BCD allows you to float effortlessly thus negating the need to tread water when floating in deep water.

How It's Done:

  • Your instructor will demonstrate how to inflate:
    • With the LPI and...
    • Orally.
  • When using the LPI method:
    1. Press the BCD inflation button to add air into your BCD in short bursts in a controlled manner until you can float comfortably. You will seldom fully inflate your BCD.
    2. To deflate, hold the LPI hose above your head and depress the exhaust valve. As you deflate the BCD, you will start to sink, and the surrounding water pressure will help deflate the BCD.
    3. Once you have finished deflating, inflate the BCD, and see how it lifts you up in the water.
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