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Course Outline

Objective: Perform a controlled, safe ascent while following all the important steps.

Value: Ascending safely is of vital importance, and following proper procedures increases safety. Rapid ascents can lead to serious injury and decompression issues.

How It’s Done:

  • Signal your buddy that you are ready to ascend.
  • Check all of your instruments, especially the PDCs and depth timers, which will measure your ascent rate.
  • Extend the BCD hose above your head. This will allow expanding gas to easily escape and will also protect your head.
  • Look up to ensure you can safely ascend without obstruction.
  • Ascend slowly to the surface no faster than 9 meters/30 feet per minute and maintain visual contact with your buddy.
  • After you are on the surface, fully inflate your BCD to achieve positive buoyancy.
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