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Course Outline

Objective: Enter the water using the correct technique for the location.

Value: The way you enter the water depends on the dive site and its facilities. Knowing which entry method to use will keep you, and those already in the water, safer.

How It’s Done:

  1. Make sure the entry area is clear before you get in so that you don’t hit anything or anyone.
  2. Make sure your buddy is also ready to enter the water.
  3. If it is deep water, partially inflate your BCD.
  4. Hold your mask and second stage. Then signal that you are ready to enter the water.
  5. Use one of these ways to enter the water.
    1. From a Pool Side, Step, Platform, or Hard Boat: Sit down and put your feet in the water. Then gently pivot and lower yourself into the water.
    2. From a Hard-Bottomed Dive Boat, Wall, or Raised Platform: Do a giant stride entry by partially inflating your BCD, holding your mask and regulator, signaling OK, and stepping out. When you resurface, signal that you are OK.
    3. From a rigid inflatable boat (RIB): Do a backward roll by partially inflating your BCD; holding your mask, regulator, and instruments on your body; and dropping backwards. Then kick away from the RIB and signal that you are OK.
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